What You Should Know

Please review the following policy and information items:

  • Prescription refills cannot be done over the telephone, and you must see a doctor to request this. Also, not all of our doctors will accept faxed requests. Please call to inquire.
  • Our doctors will usually not prescribe narcotics or other controlled medications to walk-in patients‎ unless they are well known to the clinic or to the doctor.
  • We have an after-hours phone line for when you need to speak with the doctor on call or cancel an appointment when we are closed. To obtain the after-hours phone line number, please listen carefully to the closed greeting (after hours). For a medical emergency, proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room or contact 9-1-1.
  • Specialist referrals may only be requested by seeing a physician in our office. Once a referral request is sent off by our staff, the specialist will fax us an appointment notification. This may take a few weeks. If you do not hear from us in two to three weeks, please call us to follow up on the status of your referral.