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What You Should Know

What You Should Know

  • ONLINE BOOKING (and cancelling) now available

This is the Quickest Way to book your appointment


  • In person appointments:
    • Please arrive a few minutes early for your scheduled in person appointments
    • Please email us if you have any cold- or flu-like symptoms, or have recently travelled, to see if we will need to reschedule your appointment:


  • Telephone appointments:

Please ensure your phone can accept blocked (in case the doctor with whom you are scheduled is working remotely).


  • Same day appointments:

You may inquire as early as 8:00 a.m. on any day a physician is scheduled, to inquire about same-day availability/cancellations.


  • Have you moved? Has your phone number changed?

Please email us with updates to your contact information (i.e., phone number, address, e-mail address):


  • ICBC or WCB?

Please notify us if your appointment is related to an ICBC or WCB claim. Please also provide us with your claim number/information if this is your first appointment regarding the same.


  • Booking an appointment to review results?

Please ask us if your results are on file, before booking an appointment to review them.


  • Notifying your family doctor of your visit to our walk in clinic:

If you would like your visit notes forwarded to your family doctor, please notify the doctor with whom you are scheduled.


  • Specialist referrals/re-referrals:

Please be aware that these, more often than not, require an appointment.


Please note: Once a referral has been made, it may take 2-4 weeks (or even longer) for us to receive an update from a specialist’s office once. If you have not heard about your referral after a few weeks, we encourage you to email us to follow up:


  • Prescriptions/prescription refills:

Please be aware that these, more often than not, require an appointment.


If you find yourself running out of medication before your next appointment, please check with your pharmacy to see if they can provide you with an emergency supply until your next appointment.





Our medical office assistant (MOA) staff work very closely with our doctors to take care of you. We kindly ask that you treat our MOA staff as you would any of our doctors.



Please respect the other patients in our waiting room, as well as our staff and doctors. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated.



We have an after-hours phone line for when you need to speak with the doctor on call or cancel an appointment when we are closed. This alternate number is mentioned on our phone system greeting when we are closed.


For a medical emergency, please proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room or contact 9-1-1, or you may phone 8-1-1 for health information/advice.