Late Cancellation / No Show Policy

We have a late cancellation / no show policy in effect.

Please, provide a minimum of 24 hours notice

Failure to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice will result in a fee. There are many people waiting for appointments, so your cooperation will assist us in serving everyone.

Any late cancellation fees owing must be paid to that physician before we can schedule a future appointment for you, or before you can be seen as a walk-in patient with that particular physician. If you have any concerns about your late cancellation/no show fee, you may discuss this with the physician directly, after the fee has been paid. Reimbursement of any late cancellation/no show fee is at the discretion of the physician. Our clinic accepts cash only (exact change).

To cancel an appointment, please be aware that our phone lines open at 8am. As our phone lines can become quite busy during peak times, you may find it easier to get through between 8:15 am and 9 am, and after 2 pm.

Or, email the office manager with your cancellation request at, or leave a message on the after hours line.